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Why JobMindz?


JOBMINDZ ,gives you an open platform to display your capacity and skills to some of the major organisations over the globe. One can create your own “Video Resume” for at no cost and contribute to one’s profile. In an organised timeline, you can showcase your Profile, and also take part, in a live Video Interviews. To give you more reliability, reviews and recommendation on your profile, by your friends or colleagues or your managers, there is an option for all, to be written over your profile. We know, how difficult you find to search a job while applying for it, you are exhausted of reading the long never ending job description before applying for a position. The HR’s are going to tell you through a Video about there requirement as of what type of candidate they are sourcing for. I am, where much certain of you travelling all day long and yet not found a job fulfilling you, now the time and amount invested is all gone, but don’t loose on hope here, we are fulfilling all kinds of Jobs with “JOBMINDZ” you will get your interview feedback instantly on your profile. Once the jobseeker is shortlisted, one can also check your interview schedules; write articles about your job field. Jobmindz amends and abridge every step of the up to date job search leading to better off jobseekers. Our, Video Technology takes the constant worry and move out of the job seeking process.

How It Works


Jobmindz brings your dream job, to your door-step. Only your creativeness is required to prepare a “Video Resume” of you, and uploaded. Our, Job investigate engine updates thousands of jobs from several of the leading companies in the world on your fingertips. Finding your ultimate job with no much travel and stress is now a small five step process.

Sign Up
Step 1

Signing up for Jobmindz is at no cost and effortless. Set up your Jobmindz account instantaneously and in no time access to your job call.

Complete Your Profile & Add video Resume
Step 2

Take a Video of yourself, with all the basic information about yourself. And Upload the same information with the attachment of your paper resume. Your genuine skills and talent can be showcased with the Video Resume, in the most excellent way.

Apply For jobs
Step 3

Our highly developed search engine lets you find jobs at your door-step. And helps, to way in your dream job, with the search engine with the perfect job for you, with functional area, job type, salary, you longing. Applying for a job is simple and only takes your few clicks, to apply for your simple job you looking into.

Online Interview
Step 4

Once you have apply for a Job the HR From the Organisation will then shortlist your profile, and might have a live video interview through you will receive a notification and an SMS from Jobmindz, confirm the date and time of the interview all you have to do is be ready with good internet and a front camera. We reduce the stress and expenses related with travelling for a job interview.

Get Results and Attention
Step 5

The Hiring Managers, glance for candidates who have the best understanding about the particular functional area or job role thus inscription about the information you acquire is always something which will take hold of attention, on you, by the Hiring Manager.

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