Ease the scheduling burden, save candidates from travel expenses get best candidates, who have the command over Knowledge, enables after-hours interviewing. Be on the cutting edge with JobMindz.

How It Works


You can select the best candidates and view the recorded “Video Resume”. If you like, to schedule for 1 st round of interview through our, inbuilt Video Calling Software. We at JobMindz know, how tedious it is to find the right candidate, at the right time. Going through thousands of profiles, downloading resumes, calling candidates for interview, following up with them, hiring them, doing background verification , all this hard work done and still your requirement has not been fulfilled and at your end ,you pay huge amount for recruiting the right candidates. So be a part of the change and get the right candidate to be hired in just a click, also understand his profile through a prerecorded Video Resume, An Pre Recorded Video resume process, can save your organization a tremendous amount of time and money. You can screen a large number of candidates efficiently and accurately.

Post Job

Post a job with your video and mention the questions to be answered before applying for the job , instead of boring and long description.

Select your desired candidate & invite for 1 st round.
Step 2

Select the best candidate out of many candidates profile and view recorded video resume. If the candidate meets your expectation, then schedule a video interview with the candidate. Evaluate, the candidate’s command over skills and knowledge.

Complete Interview
Step 3

Once the candidate has completed his / her 1st round of interview. If the candidate is eligible for the further rounds, then the recruiter will update the candidates about further rounds.

SHARE & Assess
Step 4

In a team effort, to hire in most organization .JobMindz lets you manage the evaluation process with the other members of your hiring team.

Make Final Decision
Step 5

Once you have completed all the rounds of interviews with the candidate. You can notify candidates their results through existing email templates on JobMindz and proceed, from there.

You have unique needs, and we have a custom visual solution for your request on Demo


We would like to express to you all about JobMindz & demonstrate how we works for every individual.An live demo would be scheduled for you, with the assist of our team you can adapt through, our website. We will be pleased, to show you how you can benefit from JobMindz & answer any questions you have.



Video technology

The recruitment industry, in particular has witnessed, enormous changes in the computer age. With JobMindz improve your recruiting process through video description of your requirement. All the video resume which are uploaded by the candidate are securely uploaded and stored on our server and is also available to your demand.

Dynamic Pricing

Jobmindz enables you spend very less money on your hiring’s, now pay only for what you use. it will be good value for money. You pay for a candidate or thousands of candidate your choice.

Job Requirement

The requirement over one’s job is urgent; you can set up on Jobmindz provides online job posting across the globe. After the candidates application on the job, one shall receive live job posting, it ensures that candidates get the notification of their requirement.

Dedicated Account manager

In order to provide the best service available and form a very close relationship with our valued customers, we consign every Client a Dedicated account manager. As an account manager, the person will make sure your every need is met to the very best of our ability.


Use technology to its best. Create multiple users and work as a team with a world class software to manage everything.

Recruiter’s profile

Showcase Company and promote to huge number of job seekers and also you can take control of your personal brand.